One-on-one coaching

Every client and coaching relationship is different, so we'll create a customized individual coaching plan tailored to meet your specific coaching needs. We will work together to clarify your inner purpose and connect to your outer goals by focusing on creating extraordinary results that are both realistic and sustainable. We will meet via phone, Skype, or in person and sessions are typically 60 minutes in length.

Group Coaching/Workshops

Working together in a group towards a common goal is not always easy. Has your team become unmotivated and inefficient? Have you had a leadership change and need to jumpstart team relationships and performance? Tackle these challenges together in a group coaching session where you will re-focus your goals, increase awareness of key issues, set intentions, and create accountability. Have something specific in mind? Send an email to us at

Energy Leadership Index Assessment

The Energy Leadership Index is a 20 minute assessment that measures your current leadership ability. The assessment reveals how you view the world and how these views may be influencing the results you are achieving in your home and work life. The purpose of the assessment is to see how different levels of energy show up for you and how these situations may be causing you stress and holding you back from success.